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2023-01-17Return list

The golden tiger returns to the mountain to bid farewell to the old year, and the Jade rabbit descends to welcome spring. When the New Year bell rings, we bid farewell to the extraordinary year of 2022 and usher in the year of 2023 full of hope. On the occasion of the coming of the Spring Festival, the company would like to extend New Year greetings and wishes to all the employees and their families who have worked diligently and diligently over the past year.

In the past 2022, facing the market trend, the company looked inward, focused on optimizing the system configuration, improving the technical level, implementing cost reduction, energy conservation and emission reduction, and effectively improving the operation efficiency of the enterprise. Under the epidemic situation, all staff acted according to the orders, worked together to fight the epidemic, stabilized staff and ensured production, and fulfilled their responsibilities. They spared no efforts to create a safe and orderly working and living environment, and maintained the stable operation of the enterprise. The company has achieved the annual production safety target, stable staff positions, balanced system operation, steady cost reduction, basically balanced production and sales, effective guarantee of employee salaries, and stable and good enterprise factor allocation and asset quality. These achievements are the result of the joint efforts and solid work of all staff. Here, the company would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all of you!

In 2023, with the further scientific adjustment of the national epidemic policy, governments at all levels will continue to strengthen support and boost the development of the real economy, domestic and foreign markets will gradually recover, and the environment for the development of enterprises will also steadily improve. The company will be based on the new stage, seize new opportunities, continue to adhere to the overall business strategy of "stability as the first priority and progress in stability", lead all staff to deepen management innovation, research and development innovation and system innovation, focus on improving the quality of human resources, accelerate the adjustment of product structure, continue to improve the field management level, and constantly improve the system operation efficiency. With a sense of urgency that time is not waiting for us, and a spirit of pioneering spirit, we strive to achieve new breakthroughs in enterprise management and seek new development of enterprise transformation and upgrading.

Struggle to create a miracle, power from unity! Let's build consensus, work to do, make full of vigour, yong yi, kai yuan to jointly create a better future!

2023 Spring Festival is coming, the company wishes you:

Good health, family happiness, family happiness, all the best!