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For the Spring Festival and staff happiness to add flavor

2023-02-01Return list


Red lanterns are hung high and decorations are decorated to welcome the New Year. During the Spring Festival, red lanterns are hung in every corner of the restaurant. Everywhere you look, there are colorful streamers, full of strong New Year flavor.




In order to make everyone have a good year, from January 16, the administration Department arranged the restaurant staff to make takeout for everyone. The restaurant staff worked hard and did not say tired. While ensuring the daily meals, they wasted no time in making takeout for the staff. Takeaways include: beef with soy sauce, chicken with Soy sauce, chicken feet with soy sauce, fried grass carp, shredded seaweed with soy sauce, baby cabbage with soy sauce, sliced radish with soy sauce, pumpkin pancakes, pancakes with soy sauce, twist flower, flower flower, etc. Nearly 100 jin of flour is consumed every day. These days, take-out workers often line up in long lines, with happy smiles on their faces, and boast to their families and friends.


In addition, the restaurant also served extra meals in advance on January 20, including mutton soup and bananas, which amazed the staff table.

From the 30th day of the New Year to the third day of the New Year, the restaurant adds one meat dish for the main meal every day, that is, two meat dishes and two vegetables, as well as side foods, pastries and fruits.

These measures make employees feel the care of the enterprise, improve their happiness, and let them feel the importance and respect of the enterprise, stimulate the positive internal motivation, and further enhance the cohesion and development of the enterprise.

Chen Shengxiang