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Demonstrate responsibility in the fight against the epidemic

2020-04-03Return list


In the face of the fierce new crown pneumonia epidemic, Qiyuan Pharmaceutical’s party and government leaders earnestly performed their duties and commanded ahead. On February 3, a leading group for epidemic prevention and control was quickly established, and a series of prevention and control measures were taken to require all companies to The unit went all out to fight the epidemic.

The company actively educates and guides employees to respond to the epidemic in a rational manner through various channels such as OA office platform, WeChat group, and posting prompts, and do a good job in the publicity and popularization of epidemic prevention knowledge. The company's safety production department supervises the personnel in the prevention and control area and related conditions every day and summarizes and reports them in time. The company has strengthened the access control management of the office area and production area, strictly implements entry and exit temperature inspection and registration every day, and has done a good job in the disinfection of public areas such as the production area, office area, staff dormitory, and staff restaurant. The company has strengthened the restaurant's food procurement management. During the epidemic prevention and control period, the restaurant adopts the system of dividing dishes and meals (boxed) and decentralized dining to avoid gathering of people and cause cross-infection.

In order to ensure the safe production of the company's system and the normal operation of the company, each department was arranged by the department to implement a flexible work system to reduce the number of people on duty as much as possible. At the beginning of the outbreak, in order to protect the needs of front-line employees for epidemic prevention, the company wanted to think about what employees thought, and was anxious for employees. When the supply of masks on the market was tight, it tried every means to purchase and distribute masks for frontline employees to meet the needs of employees for epidemic prevention. . The company arranges staff to conduct investigations in the staff apartments every night to timely and accurately grasp the physical condition of the staff and the situation of the returning staff. All staff returning to work from other places will be isolated and observed in the dormitory for 14 days.

So far, no suspected or confirmed cases of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus have been found among the company's employees, and no medical quarantine observers have been found.

While doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, the company paid close attention to the development of the epidemic, responded to the government's call to fight the epidemic, responded quickly, and acted actively. On February 3, 2020, it donated 300,000 yuan worth of prevention and heat relief to the Yongning County People's Government. Antibacterial and antiviral drugs have assisted the epidemic prevention and control work of front-line medical institutions, demonstrated the social responsibility and national sentiments of pharmaceutical manufacturers with practical actions, and played their part in winning the battle against the epidemic.

On March 13, the company’s party committee launched a donation proposal within the scope of party members on duty. A total of 180 party members (including two retired party members) participated in the donation activity and received a total of 19720 yuan in donations. The party office of the company has submitted all donations to the designated account of the Party Working Committee of the Municipal Industry and Information Bureau. The majority of party members have fulfilled their original aspirations and missions with practical actions, and have established a pioneering and exemplary image of Communists.

In the face of the epidemic, there is no distinction between “state-owned” and “private-owned”. Qiyuan Pharmaceutical will pay close attention to the development of the epidemic, actively fulfill its social responsibilities, actively support and cooperate with the government and all sectors of society in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and work together with the county, city, district, and people across the country to overcome the difficulties and help Win this battle against the epidemic.