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Chinese Medicine Company fully restored the management of electronic drug supervision codes

2020-04-30Return list

The drug electronic supervision code management system is aimed at the state supervision of drugs in the production and circulation process, realizes the traceability and management of the supervision departments and manufacturers, and protects the legal rights and interests of drug manufacturers and consumers.


In April, the company stipulated that all products resume code management, and newly added 5 supervisory code scanning equipment in the outer packaging position, and scanned and uploaded the finished products produced every day. Through supervision, the company can more effectively grasp the inventory, sales and logistics distribution of each box, each box, and each batch of products. When encountering problem drugs, it can quickly trace the batch, quantity, and location of the problem drug. , Surplus inventory, etc., to minimize losses.

In the process of scanning the regulatory code, the operator re-checked the product appearance, phase three and other information to ensure that the packaging quality meets the requirements, and the final pass on product quality.